Walks & Tramps

We have a series of walking / tramping tracks on Glenthorne Station for all levels of fitness. The walks wend their way over natural tussock fields of the high country hills and valleys, with magnificent views of surrounding lakes, mountains, rivers and a multitude of other high country vistas.

Each of the walks/tramps has its own unique features with a fascinating variety of geological and botanical interests. The walks/tramps are mostly based at Lower Glenthorne end of the property. We recommend that walkers/trampers allow two to four days to enjoy the wide range of walks/tramps which vary in times from half a day to full day walks. Because Glenthorne is a high country station there are very limited walks that are flat.

You may wish to combine your high country walk/tramp with other activities at Glenthorne Station such as horse trekking, fishing and jet boating. Bookings are essential.

Glenthorne station is a 62,352 acre  sheep and cattle station situated on the northeast shores of Lake Coleridge in Canterbury’s high country at the foot of the Southern Alps.

Please note: A few walks are closed at certain times of the year due to lambing and other farm work although there is still plenty of walks to choose from if some of these are closed. Although the walks are based from Lower Glenthorne it is possible to stay at Upper Glenthorne and drive to the start of the walks at Lower or alternatively we can talk to you about places you are able to walk that are not part of the marked out tracks. When staying at Lower Glenthorne there maybe a small drive involved in getting to the start of your walk depending on which walk you decide to do on the day.

We can discuss with you options when you arrive and bigger walks have notes and a map that you can take with you.  If we have a handheld radio available we can organise this to be given to someone to take so you can contact us for emergencies only.

*Walking times based on average walker/tramper